Business VIsion

As In House Music Productions grows, our business vision is to continue to keep our recording equipment constantly up to current technological standards and our creative production ideas innovative and commercial. Being clever with our advice to song writers is key to a new song becoming successful. It’s up to our staff and fellow colleagues in the music industry to stay connected to how the music business’s needs and trends are constantly changing. Trying to combine the traditional and new approaches to writing and producing songs is key to a song writer’s new songs having the potential to be noticed by the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Staying connected to music social networking venues is most important. Live performances, on stage, in front of a live audience, are still a mainstay of the music entertainment business. But in today’s music world a recording artist is just a computer click away from reaching millions of people in an instant. In House Music Productions stays in tune with how a song writer’s
song can reach the masses, right now, rather than needing to wait for people to purchase an artist’s
“records” (there’s an old term) that might have a song writer’s song on actual vinyl. A professional
video of an artist performing your song online is more than just a phenomena, it’s the way the music
industry is evolving, and will continue to grow.

In House Music Productions will strive to help play a key role in a song writer’s new songs becoming properly legally published and protected, recorded, spring into action, making the writer publishing royalties from their song being performed on stage, or online.