How Do Music Publishing Companies Work Around the World?

music publishing company

Let’s dive into the knowledge of music publishing companies together. Understanding and grasping the entire idea and working of the music publishing company is extremely tough and challenging. Now when it comes to publishing, it is one of the most essential yet the hardest part to understand. Many people find it difficult to understand who basically music publishers are what do they do and how do the professional music publishing companies work. It is okay, we understand your trouble. Even some of the most professional and experienced people have trouble understanding and wrapping their heads around the complexities of publishing. Let’s begin with basic, imagine yourself as a new artist and you have a great quality of songs and music but you are finding it hard stepping into the music industry because you do not know anyone there. You do not know who to trust and what to expect from others. Imagine yourself in this position and instantly, you will feel like you are lost and all alone. This is exactly how the rising, young, and new artists feel when they are trying to put their music out to the world. This is when the music publishing company comes in and provides a wide range of services and provide unwavering support to the artist.


The music publishing company basically deals with the promotion and monetization of the music. The artist chooses to work with the professional music publishing company because they guarantee protection from theft and copyright issues. Moreover, the music publishing company also makes sure that the artist receives their royalties when their compositions/ music is either performed, reproduced, or broadcast.


The music publishing company basically works on the behalf of the artist. People who are extremely fresh in the music industry find it extremely stressful to deal with administrative issues. Thus, the music publishing company ensures to handle all the problems while the artists can solely focus on their creative work. Making your way in this cut-throat competitive and edgy market without the support of a professional music publishing company is almost impossible. From registering your songs to licensing them and keeping them protected is the sole responsibility of the music publishing company.


People can not handle so many things at one single time. They juggle between family, friends, and work, thus do not get time to properly focus on the administrative work related to music. Therefore, the artist begins working with the music publishing company not only manages their song but is also in charge of collecting royalties and promoting the songs.


The music publishing company promotes the songs to people who might be looking for one for their advertisement, campaign, or movies. Through this, the music publishing company connects the artists with more people. To sum it up, basically, the music publishing company provides services:

– Registering the artist’s music worldwide.

– Registering the artist and their music with mechanical rights societies like Harry fox.

– handling all the royalties (mechanical and performing) from all over the world.

-promote the music.

The music publishing company ensures that the music reaches every corner of the world so that it would generate more royalty. Further, the biggest role the music publishing company plays is keeping the music protected from theft and copyright. The music publishing company makes sure to keep the artists safe from scams and make efficient ways through which allows artists to earn the money they deserve. The music publishing company works efficiently to maximize the value of your art and in return for all of these services, they take a small percentage or share from your generated income.


The music publishing company is always on alert to ensure that no one uses the music illegally. They keep monitoring where the music has been used and if it’s without permission, they take legal action against them.


music publishing company


How do music publishing companies work?


Now that you have understood what the music publishing company basically does, it’s time to understand how to they function. As mentioned above, the music publishing company provides a variety of services and in return, they demand a share in the song. The music publishing company earns through royalties and licensing fees. The distribution of the share basically depends on the type of publishing deal the artists have signed. Mainly, the music publishing company works by making artists sign deals. There are three kinds of deals.


Full-publishing deals

This is the type of deal in which the music publishing company takes 100% rights from the songwriter. Not forcefully though. It’s a collective decision where the songwriter agrees on providing the music publishing company the entire rights of their song and music and in return, the songwriter is asked to make more music which the music publishing company will proactively share.

Through this deal, the songwriter tries to get fame and recognition from the world while the music publishing company enjoys hundred percent rights. Songwriters do not prefer signing this deal because although they do want to work with the music publishing company, they do want to transfer or give entire rights to the company.



This deal is the #1 choice of every artist. As the name suggests, the co-publishing deal basically means that the songwriters and the music publishing company divide share equally, that is 50% each. Many new young artists take this offer because lack experience and want constant promotional support from the music publishing company.

Any artist goes for this deal due to the fact that after some time the songwriter, will recover the full rights of his music. This time period (of getting rights back) can be 2 years or even 20 years longers.


music publishing company


Administration deals

In this deal, the songwriter gets to keep all of the rights with themselves. The music publishing company is responsible for collecting royalties and maintaining a stronghold on the copyright. According to this deal, the music publishing company will typically get 10 to 25% of the revenue that the song produces. Deals like this last up to five years.