How Much Revenue Does the Music Publishing Companies Generate per Annum in the USA

music publishing company

The music industry of the USA is so vast, big, and economically very strong. The music industry is a prime example of how businesses must evolve with time and adapt to new changes. The overall entertainment industry has witnessed a dramatic turnaround over the last few years. From TV to Netflix, YouTube, and other websites. These technological advancement has ushered in the streaming of music, which means that the music publishing company would be making a lot. People still do not have a clear idea of what a music publishing company is and what they do – so basically the music publishing company is like a support system to the new artists who are exploring the music industry. Since these artists are alone, they need someone to back them up, protect them, and promote them – and this is exactly what the music publishing company does.

The music publishing companies were established back in the 80s to protect the composition of songs so they do not get replicated or be illegally used. Gradually, over time, with evolvement, music publishing transformed into this multi-million business, and ever since then, the figures just kept getting higher and higher. Since the audience is now more exposed to music than ever before, the methods of distributing music are expanding and thus, the music publishing company will be generating more royalties with it. This change is extremely beneficial for the music publishing company and for the artists because since the royalties of both mechanical and performance will increase, the artist will get proper compensation for their work and art.

Understanding how publishing or the music publishing company is a very complicated task. But just for your understanding the music publishing company basically provides unlimited support to the artist by promoting their music, collecting royalties for them, keeping their music projected from illegal use or copyright, setting them up with other songwriters or musicians so they can establish and make a network within the industry.  Many artists find it pretty challenging to handle the administrative task and create music at the same time. It’s too much hassle and too much stress. This is when the music publishing company comes in. the music publishing company makes sure to handle and tackle all issues from signing documents, making deals, collecting royalties, and much while the artist can fully focus on channeling their inner deep creativity. The music publishing company earns through royalties and licensing fees. The distribution of the share basically depends on the type of publishing deal the artists have signed.

People who are looking to work with a professional music publishing company should carry out extensive research before they start working with them. The music publishing company is known for instantly elevating artists and their careers. However, it is vital to choose wisely and stay away from the incompetent otherwise, the entire career of the artist would start to go downhill.

music publishing company

Here are some services provided by the music publishing companies.

The music publishing company promotes the songs to people who might be looking for one for their advertisement, campaign, or movies. Through this, the music publishing company connects the artists with more people.

Registering the artist’s music worldwide.

Registering the artist and their music with mechanical rights societies like Harry fox.

handling all the royalties (mechanical and performing) from all over the world.

Another great thing about the music publishing companies is that they can also take legal action if they find someone using their client’s file legally. They can submit a lawsuit and can also fight on behalf of their clients.

Register the song

The music publishing company begins assisting their clients by registering their songs under the name of the publishing country. Moreover, they install copyright laws on the music so that it remains protected and the artist receives all the royalties for their art. the music publishing company basically makes sure that the music of their client’s music does not get used without permission and compensation.

Negotiating the Music Rights

The music publishing company also fights for the interest and rights of their clients. Their main aim is to collect full compensation (royalties) for their clients. If you do not understand what royalties are – it is the kind of money that is generated from the music. There are two types of royalties, first – the mechanical one in which the paid for the sales or on the basis of the digital downloads or physical copies and the second one is related to performance. The artists earn their money whenever their music is played on television or radio.


The music publishing company licenses the song and music in order to remain safe and alert from people who use the music and the song illegally. If they do not have permission or legal right, the music publishing company can take action on your behalf.

How much revenue does the music publishing company generate?

music publishing company

The music publishing industry is booming. With so many songs rolled out almost every day, the music publishing companies are generating huge amounts of money per year. As of 2020, the revenue increases, and the music publishing companies earned around $4.007 BILLION. As mentioned above, the music publishing companies have expanded the promotion of songs and since people were stuck in lockdown, they streamed music a lot. As a result, there has been a boom in revenue.

One of the craziest things is that the three major publishing companies of the USA, Vivendi, Sony, and WMG have generated more than $3.2 Billion in 2019. This basically means that they made around $369,000 per hour.