Famous Music Publishing Companies in Georgia That Every Musician Must Consider

Famous Music Publishing Companies

Music Publishing Companies:

Music publishing is an essential activity for any music artist as it helps promote and monetize musical compositions. Music publishing companies ensures that musicians receive enough income from their work. It also works to generate opportunities for those arrangements to be performed and reproduced again.

Suppose you are a newbie musician or an experienced music producer and are looking for a publishing company. Then you must read our article as we have compiled a list of the seven most famous music publishing companies in Georgia.

In House Music Productions

In House Music Productions is a popular music publishing companies that strives hard to help musicians and songwriters to publish their new songs. Its management ensures that their work is legally published, protected, recorded, and it also helps writers make royalties from their song being performed on stage or online. They earn a very good amount on royalties and stage performances.

Its objective is to inspire and empower musical businesspersons with the instruments required to deliver their creative art to listeners worldwide.

Furthermore, its employees have the knack for creating international marketing, sub-publishing, international licensing, and royalty collection strategies for your music products.

Besides all of the above, it has a strong network that can give musicians access to a wide collection of managers, accountants, producers, lawyers, record companies, promoters, and studios. It can also create and implement any Internet presence to your needs and requirements.

Kobalt Music Publishing

Willard Ahdritz founded the Kobalt music publishing company in 2000. The main objective of creating the company was to build a music industry fairer and more rewarding for music creators. He wanted to offer transparency to artists and songwriters. In addition, he coveted to provide freedom to musicians that are needed to build their careers.

Currently, Kobalt music services combine with innovative technology to provide a feasible alternative to the conventional industry model. It is trusted by some of the world’s greatest artists, and it represents more than 40% of the top 100 songs and albums in the U.S. and U.K.

Reign Forever Group Music Publishing

Reign Forever Group Music Publishing management was frustrated with the method corporate music companies manage many creative newbie musicians. Therefore, it created a platform that delivers an even playing field by equipping, rousing, and educating independent musicians worldwide.

It is a full-service organization that promotes a diverse collection of talent via music publishing, influencer management, production, and digital marketing. These people have created this corporation because they care about industry professionals and their hard work.

Famous Music Publishing Companies

The Mezzo Agency

The mezzo agency provides publishing administrative amenities, including creative services, catalog management, licensing, publishing royalty collection services, and collection of master performance royalties. It can be categorized as top music publishing company.

It has placed songs and cleared licenses with top companies like ABC, Disney Networks, Sony Music Entertainment, etc. The company management also asks for consultation from songwriters, producers, artists, and industry professionals about the business of music through workshops and industry events.

Music Specialist Speaks

The Music Specialist is a music publishing company that develops record labels and creates publishing houses structures. Its management also has comprehensive knowledge of agreements and contract consultations.

The Music Specialist experts have the expertise of managing record label operations software and then using it for the betterment of artists.

Its employees are also experts in various marketing and promotional strategies. These strategies play an important role in making music successful in the market. They cover online & offline promotions related to social networking, radio stations, nightclubs, retail outlets, chain stores, one-stops, distributors, blogs, and internet radio.

They also make marketing plans for Napster, iTunes, K Mart, Amazon, Nokia, Verizon, Walmart, and many other online distributors. Music Specialist Speaks workers have sales knowledge and expertise that are enough for fulfilling the needs of physical or digital needs.

11th Street Studios

11th Street Studios can be categorized as a high-end music publishing company in Atlanta providing professional audio engineering and mixing services to both key and independent record labels present in the music industry.

It has been classified as Atlanta’s premiere recording studio as it provides top-quality work in a private, relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Its 2-level, 7,000 SF music production facilities contain six separate private recording studios. They have the perfect size rooms for any musical session specifically designed for these activities.

American Sushi Recording

American Sushi recording is a firm that has facilities providing great sound facilities and comfortable space to record any genre of music. The musical facilities offered by the company show the professionalism of the company management. The corporation also delivers them the top-class equipment required to record good songs.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a list of top companies offering publishing facilities to beginners and seasoned musicians. Thus, you can easily opt for any of these according to your needs and requirements and help your music reach every nook and cranny.