Online Recording Studio vs. Pro Studio: Pros & Cons

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Since the last 20 years, the development in the music industry has changed its dynamics. The affordability of home studios has completely changed the way artists create their music. Online studios are in trend, however, there are still a lot of people out there who stick to the music recording company to get good quality of music. The online recording studios have evolved and have become the hit-making machine for people. The music recording company has also evolved and has adapted many things along with providing additional services to meet the needs and requirements of their clients.

Honestly, the professional music recording company VS online recording studio is a long debate that ends up with no proper conclusion. The online recording studio is one most convenient and easy options for some people while some people are strictly against DIY music created online. Now here is the thing, if you are experimenting with music, trying out different genres, improving your creativity, trying to widen your horizons, then sure stick to the online recording studio so you’ll have to refine your music. However, if you make music to put it out there in the world for people to listen to, then you need to work with a professional music recording company. Creating, recording, and producing an entire album is not a piece of cake or a walk-in park. There are so many administrative and technical issues that are supposed to be handled and managed by professionals. This is when the music recording company comes in.

Just like many people out there, if you are also confused between these two choices, then this article is for you. Here we have listed out all the pros and cons related to the online recording studio and the music recording company. This will help you to analyze your situation and to make an informed decision.

Pros of online recordings

Music recording company

You Have Infinite Time

Creating music is a process that requires comfort, time, and an open mind. If you are trying to come up with something amazing and catchy then this means that you need time to experiment with words, tunes, equipment to make sure what you want to incorporate in the music. Finding the right and creative elements for the music is important. You can get this freedom if you go for the online recording studio. The time, when it comes online recording studio is just infinite. You have time to explore and make arrangements, check for instruments, try finding “ the sound” you want. You can spend as much time as you want on your pre-production to make sure that the song you produce is loved by everyone.

You might feel comfortable at home

There are so many people who want to work and make music from the comfort of their homes. For such people, home is the only place where they can be themselves and can think creatively. Such people opt for online recording because at home they feel relaxed, stress-free, and are open to experimentation.

Cons of online recording

Lack Of Equipment

Now if we talk about the disadvantages of the online recording studio, the biggest drawback of this is the fact that there is a lack of equipment. The equipment you get at a music recording company is very expensive so even if you are planning, that can be very heavy on your pockets. To make strong and successful music, you need the proper equipment to make sure the results are inspiring and worthy enough to publish. Along with the lack of equipment, there are chances that you might not have software instruments either.

Poor Acoustics = Bad Tracks

Another major drawback of the online recording studio is that you will not have a soundproof room where you can sit and record. Acoustic energy is something important to understand. When you are recording in a normal environment, several frequencies bounce off the walls and create echoes. These amplified sounds ruin your entire recording within seconds. Another notable thing here is that these echoes are not apparent or easily heard until you start mixing your song. As soon as it reaches the mixing stage, unfortunately, it is too late to go back and correct the issue.