Record Your First Song in a Professional Music Recording Studio

People associated with the music industry are constantly turning to a home-based music studio. Today, almost every artist has a home studio setup. Singers, musicians, songwriters, and composers, everyone has a home studio setup, but the probability of these home studio-based artists releasing an instant hit is somewhat lesser. That’s why most famous singers and musicians prefer professional music recording studio to record their originals despite having a high-end home studio.

Getting fame in the music industry is not a piece of cake. Over a hundred million original songs get published each year worldwide, but hardly a thousand of them become famous in their respective region, and not more than a hundred become a global hit like the famous Despacito. The competition is strenuous these days, and the home studios are not enough to overcome it. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to become a successful music artist relying merely on a home studio; it’s just rare to outclass the quality that comes with a professional music recording studio.


6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Music Recording Studios for Your Originals

In this blog, I will share six reasons why you should record your originals in a professional music recording studio. Let’s get started.

1.      High-End Equipment

Professional music recording studios have a large variety of high-end recording gear and studio equipment. The studio owners spend thousands of dollars buying microphones, equalizers, keyboards, speakers, studio monitors, and several other high-end studio gears that solo artists cannot get their hands on. That’s why you should prefer professional music recording studios over home studios. It’s not that you can’t make good music without high-end gear and studio equipment; it is just better to opt for the best when releasing your originals.

2.      Expert Recording & Mixing Professionals

Professional music recording studios have industry expert recordists and audio engineers that can help you enhance the feel of your song. These people have spent a good part of their lives in music and can sense any inaccuracy and flaw within seconds. Although it’s not mandatory for you to hire these professionals when you rent a studio, th

ey can surely add enormous value to your song and make it more attractive. These professionals are familiar with the advanced editing and mixing software that produce high-quality mixes.

3.      The Record Label

A renowned record label can make underground artists famous overnight. The Hollywood music industry is filled with such artists who got a sudden shift in their music career due to prominent record labels. Recording your first original song from a professional music recording studio gives you the powerful record label to showcase your talent to the world. Moreover, a professional record label eliminates the hassle of publishing and managing the copyrights of your track.

4.      Perfect Acoustic Environment

No matter how expensive recording gear you purchase for your home studio setup, you can never get the perfect acoustic environment at your home. You can try to make your room noise-proof and even use voice compressors to crush the extra vocals, but it won’t give you the feel of the vocals recorded in a professional music recording studio. Music studios are designed to enhance vocal textures by creating a perfect acoustic environment for effectively recording and controlling sound waves’ reflections. Moreover, Vocals recorded in a professional music recording studio are clear and easier to mix and edit than those recorded in home studios regardless of the microphone used.

5.      Undivided Devotion to Your Specialty

Getting your track-ready from a professional music recording studio gives you the freedom to focus entirely on your specialty while the studio experts deal with the rest. For example, a vocal artist recording his track in a professional music recording studio can express his true emotions in the vocals without any limitations. They don’t have to worry about the sound quality or setting up the optimal environment for recording. The studio coordinator makes everything hassle-free and fun.

6.      The Expertise

Professional music recording studios deal with several musicians and vocal artists daily. They have advanced industry knowledge and a better understanding of the music trends and equipment, which can be utilized to improve your tracks and albums. Whereas in the home studio setup, you are on your own completely.


In a Nutshell

The home studio setups are great for daily jamming sessions and making cover songs for YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and other social networks. However, home studios don’t have sufficient resources for crafting an original masterpiece that can take over the internet. If you are struggling in your musical journey and looking to get a step closer to stardom, a professional music recording studio can help you craft incredible music tracks that are guaranteed to give you a kickstart in your music career