The Top Music Recording Studios in Georgia in 2022

Music Recording Studios

Production quality plays a vital role in the success and popularity of the music. Therefore, we should not ignore the value of music production. Suppose you are a budding or an experienced musician looking for an InHouse Music Production Georgia studio with advanced recording facilities. Then check out our compiled Top Music Recording Studios list in Georgia in 2022.

Inhouse music productions

In House Music Productions LLC mixes traditional instruments, innovative state-of-the-art software, and a creative style to help in creating new unique music.

The primary business objective is to keep its recording equipment up to current technological standards and its original production ideas innovative and commercial. The company management also advises budding songwriters and musicians to create a successful professional careers.

The experienced and skilled music recording staff knows how to make use of their talent to create a high-selling music production for their clients.

Patchwerk Recording Studios

Patchwerk Recording Studios is a professional Inhouse Music Production studio in Georgia, situated in Midtown in Atlanta, GA. Former NFL offensive tackle Bob Whitfield founded it. The facility comprises three isolated recording studios, namely Studio 995, Studio 9000, and Studio 1019. Studio 9000 is mainly used for vocal tracking and editing.

In addition, these studios are also used for audio mastering. Other than that, the production studio is used for beatmakers. The company also offers paperwork registration, video, photography, and complete branding services.


RexTrax was Founded in 1997, and it is one of the oldest Recording Studios in Georgia. It is known for its history of happy clients in the Southeast. It has a history of offering a lower rate than many other Atlanta Recording Studios. It successfully controls cost as it has to bear low overhead in the quiet suburbs. According to estimates, musicians have to pay double for an SSL / ProTools HD recording studio in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Talented recording artists of this In-house Music Production Georgia have experience working with all music styles. They can also facilitate everyone from a solo artist to a 5- or 6-piece band.

Its technically sound engineers are quite professional and easy to work with. They have the skills to handle recording of a full-length CD for retail or a mixtape, or even just a demo project.

Tree Sound Studios

Tree Sound Studios is an innovative blend of a dream, precision, and the desire to make great music. It provides an atmosphere designed to excite and inspire. Its facilitating staff takes pride in providing the individual attention that every recording artist needs. Its staff’s technical expertise and dedication make Tree Sound Studios the perfect recording studio for audio projects of all levels.

Music Recording Studios

Icon Studios

Icon Studios is one of the premium InHouse Music Production Georgia places for musicians.

It is one of the favorite venues for new and experienced musicians. It has hosted various great recording artists.

The company offers a calm and relaxed environment for users, and it is perfect for creating an artistic piece of music.

The company also provides various services such as recording, mixing, rehearsing and meeting, etc.

Parhelion Recording Studios

Parhelion Recording Studios is a state-of-art music studio fulfilling current needs and requirements. The working engineers and music producers have ample digital recording experience and new ways to produce creative music. They also have experience using new and vintage analog gear and microphones to shape desired musical sounds.

Parhelion Recording Studios right now provides the following services in Georgia:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music Production

Currently, there are three operating rooms in the recording studio. Every room provides different formats and room sizes for your specific requirements and budget. It has an extensive collection of the industry’s best analog and digital recording equipment.

It has music facilities such as the top-of-the-line DAW, converters, microphones, preamps, and other outboard gear. The studios have InHouse Music Production facilities that are all wired and provide the cleanest, purest signal path from source to recorder.

LoudHouse Studios

LoudHouse Studios is an InHouse Music Production Georgia facility that has hosted one of Atlanta’s biggest musicians. It is a facility that has access to great studios and skilled engineers.

The basic objective of creating this studio was to give new artists and professionals high standards of music facilities for creating crispy music recordings.

Finally, it has a team of audio engineers who care about your unique vision and actively aid you in enhancing the quality of your creations.

Final Thoughts

The list mentioned above is enough to select a high-quality In-house music production Georgia facility. However, you have to choose the recording studio as per your budget and musical requirements. Some people try to select a recording company in a hurry, which creates lots of issues for the musician in the future.